How I Started To Prevent Hearth Attacks With VitaPulse To Keep My Family Safe

Heart attack and cardiac conditions are some of the top causes of deaths in many regions. Cardiac arrests are often associated with increased body fat levels that block blood pathways as well as increase in oxidants, toxins and radicals that cause stress and cramps at cellular level. This is why antioxidants are very helpful in improving heart health and preventing cardiac issues. There are several antioxidants in the market promoted as supplements for better heart health, increase on energy and improved immunity.In  Vitapulse supplement facts, this is one of the popular names you will find when looking for such supplements. While the product is highly reputable, it is still important to keenly review its formula to determine whether it suites your needs. Here is a brief descriptive review of the product.

What Is VitaPulse Antioxidant?

vita pulse natural supplementAs aforementioned, vitapulse antioxidant is a popular drug/supplement that has a unique formula to clear your blood of toxins, oxidants and free radicals that are a threat to heart health. The formula is specifically designed to help those who are prone to heart attacks and cardiac issues. Since it is an antioxidant, the drug can result in various other benefits which users often seek.

Vitapulse Ingredients

The main ingredients found in vitapulse antioxidant include N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), Pyrroloquinoline quinine (PQQ) & CoQ10. These are three renowned antioxidants that have been associated with good heart health. They simply minimize the risk of cellular damage and inflammations to the heart. PQQ in particular has been tested for its heart health benefits and proven to promote the growth of mitochondria cells. With more mitochondria, the cellular energy is drastically increased making it easy to fight disease and remove oxidants from the body. NAC acts more like glutathione and has been shown to improve heart health in those who have low HDL levels.

Benefits And How It Prevents Heart Attacks

The benefits of vitapulse antioxidants are quite obvious and straightforward. The drug is from a reputable manufacturer known for accountability, credibility and safe top quality supplements. It delivers different types of antioxidants that remove all free radicals and oxidants that may intoxicate the heart. By cleaning your body of such toxins (that would normally end up in the heart) they prevent the stress and trauma these elements cost your heart. This drug has various other benefits that are associated with good heart health including:
• Increasing your energy levels
• Reducing body fat thus causing weight loss
• Sharper memory and alertness
• Treating various conditions of cardiac arrests

Antioxidants usually have various minor benefits that are hardly noticed. As purifiers of the blood, these compounds establish the ideal environment for improved body function, metabolism and memory expansion. They also boost immunity and make it easy to fight diseases whose risk is increased with presence of oxidants.

VitaPulse Review Conclusion

Vitapulse antioxidant is only one of the many brands and formulas available in the market. It has been associated with weight loss, boosted moods, increased energy and healthy heart among other benefits. However, you should first consult your doctor to examine and determine whether you are the right subject for this medication. It is also important to purchase from credible licensed drugstores that are allowed to distribute the product in your area.

Isagenix Cleansing Programs – Why My Family Stayed Away

Weight loss supplements and cleansing programs have become a preferred methods of losing weight for a lot of people, especially in recent years, because of the rising obesity rates in the country.

cleansing-programIsagenix cleansing programs are extraordinarily popular because they can be use to accelerate detoxification with the help of a natural diet and normal exercise program. Their products of course make it very convenient for people who don’t have time to go to the gym on a regular basis. On the other hand Supplements are also popular with those who work out regularly, especially the ones trying to build muscle, since it helps them burn excess fat, and build lean muscles.

On this insightful article I want to go over the effects of using weight loss supplements and cleansing routines to lose weight.

Isagenix Cleansing Programs

Isagenix has 2 different cleansing programs geared towards catering to all of those in need of quick and/or balanced weight loss. One of the programs is 9 days long and the other one is 30 days, they give you the option to choose depending on your tolerance and the results you want. Most people who engage in the 9 day cleansing program lose an average of 7 pounds from the cleansing alone.

It can also be great to compliment the cleansing with green vegetable or fruit juices as a source of nutrition. Juices will not only help you continue to lose weight but also will work on soothing your internal system.

Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

The majority of studies to determine the effectiveness of weight loss pills were conducted by manufacturers, so obviously there has been some skepticism about the results, however the most known study was conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which is a legitimate source of information. Do not underestimate the harmful side effects your brain and health can suffer with. People who began using Cogniflex would have something admirably worth paying attention to in reference to the risk and rewards of using nootropics and cleansing products all together.

The study determined that the most popular ingredients found in weight loss pills are caffeine, capsaicin (hot pepper extract), black pepper extract, and niacin (vitamin B12), during the study they gave a group of men and women weight loss supplements containing those ingredients, while giving another group a placebo.

The results determined that the group that took the supplements had higher levels of energy after exercise, when compared to the group that took the placebo, proving that supplements do work.

It is very important to note that not all weight loss supplements work as described, and some are actually bad for you, which is why you have to be careful about which ones to take. To know which ones are best, you can check out the ingredients on the label, and talk to your physician before taking them, you can also visit the FDA website, to learn more about the effectiveness and side effects associated with over the counter weight loss supplements.

Also is best to opt for natural alternatives and organic solutions that can have fewer side effects and even be more effective than highly manufacture processed supplements.

Now that we know that weight loss supplements work, what are the benefits?

One of the biggest benefits of using weight loss supplements is the suppression of appetite; caffeine is one ingredient responsible for appetite suppression, because it has an effect on your body that curbs appetite. Some supplements contain hoodia, which also helps reduce cravings.

Weight loss supplements also have a diuretic effect on the body, in addition to helping burn fat, they can also help reduce the water retention. By flushing out water in your body, through urination and sweating you can also lose weight.

One of the biggest benefits of using weight loss supplements is the ability to burn more calories while in a state of rest.

The bottom line to note here is that weight loss supplements have been proven to work, but they aren’t for everybody. Do your research and remember to consult a physician before you start using one, especially if they are not natural supplements.

Party Buses, Hiking Table Rock & The Ultimate Prom Experience

When realizing Prom is closer than you think, it’s important to be able to get a plan together quick. With the help of these 7 Prom ideas, you’ll be sure to impress.

Here are 7 prom ideas, specifically tailored to the Boise, Idaho area:

  1. Dress shopping

    So, dress shopping can be the biggest ordeal of the whole prom experience. Why not make the most of it? Get the group together and rent a limo. There is a wide variety of places to search for that perfect dress, from the Boise Towne Square Mall to little boutiques such as Marlene’s Bridal. Why do it alone? Explore every place while you all find the gown that you will remember forever.

  2. Start off the day hiking Tablerock

    Typically, groups do something during the day as kind of a place to start off. Take your date up to hike Tablerock. The hike is relatively easy, and the view makes it all worth it. If you’re a little more into getting out and doing something, it’s the perfect activity. As a popular spot for teens to explore, the caves below and graffiti art simply add to the fun!

  3. Play disc golf in Ann Morrison

    Disc golf is becoming more and more popular. Grab some discs and enjoy time in the beautiful weather. It’s easy to learn, fun to do, and best of all, the course is all laid out. You can choose which level, and how long of a run you want to do. As long as you know how to throw a Frisbee, you can do disc golf!

  4. Party Bus w a big group

    When it comes time for the evening fun, you are definitely not going to want to leave anyone out. A perfect way to do that is to get a limo. You are going to get that classy look and best of all, you get to all be together! The party starts before you even arrive. Boise Limo’s party bus service is a must-try for the prom experience.

  5. Dinner downtown

    There are plenty of options when it comes to dining in downtown Boise. From Asiago’s to the Melting Pot, you know you can find just what fits the mood. Plus, there are many affordable options that still give that fancy feel. When starting the night out, you know that dinner sets the tone.

  6. Big Al’s

    Arguable one of the most fun spots in the area, Big Al’s has a little bit of it all. Featuring huge screens showing the big game, just because it’s Prom doesn’t mean you have to miss one bit. With bowling, and various arcade games, you really can’t run out of things to do. Throw in some great food such as their signature nachos, or whatever you’re craving, it’s bound to be a crazy time.

  7. Albertson’s Park

One thing you can’t forget is the pictures to remember the moment! A popular destination for dance groups is Albertson’s Park. Located downtown, it is one of the most beautiful parks in the area. With gorgeous ponds, waterfalls, and natural charm, it’s the perfect background. Plus, with the many pathways and secluded areas, you won’t have to worry about getting anything on your fancy clothes.

Prom is certain to be an amazing night, no matter how you do things. However, these ideas will help to start the creative juices flowing and add to the experience.

Are you from the Boise metropolitan area? What ideas did I miss??

Why I Started Promoting doTERRA Oils…


Look, I am not one to blog or talk about hype or business stuff. After all, this is more of a family blog, but I really felt like I had to get some things off my chest.

First of all, people need to realize that direct-sales companies are not always a bad thing.

My story is simple. I like oils. I think they rock. I would spend money on essential oils either way – so why not make the opportunity a business?

A legit business, at that. You can find lovely doTerra reviews all over the internet, because the company is doing a lot of things right…simple as that.

So what’s the scoop on doTerra oils??

I tried my best to give you an un-biased overview…enjoy.

doTERRA is an international wellness company which produces therapeutic grade essential oils and an exciting range of wellness products based around the natural, restorative and healing properties of plant compounds.

Surely you’ve heard of essential oils if you’re as fascinated by natural medicine, beauty and health remedies as most of us are. But we bet you don’t know everything about doTERRA’s like of top-grade essential oils, so we compiled this handy guide to what every household needs to know about essential oils.

1. Essential Oils are Powerful and Backed by Science

Number one thing to take away here is that essential oils have been found by numerous studies to have significant antimicrobial effects*. Not only that, but some essential oils are antiviral…even inhibiting the herpes simplex virus.**

Essential oils work, and they work on a number of levels:

  • antibacterial
  • antifungal
  • antiviral

2. Not All Essential Oils are Created Equal

There’s a scary range of quality in the world of essential oils. In fact, since essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, guess what: you’re on your own when it comes to finding quality products. doTERRA produces their own superior quality therapeutic-grade essential oils under the guidance of a full assortment of scientific advisory constituents who ensure that all processes are checked for quality assurance at every level.

doTERRA’s line of products represent simply the finest quality essential oils you can buy.

3. Some Essential Oils Can Actually Make You Smarter & Happier

An actual study, which you can read for yourself on the government’s National Library of Medicine website shows that aromas of rosemary and lavender essential oils have an actual positive effect on cognition and mood.

So we now have not only physical benefits but also mental benefits of essential oils as well.

4. doTERRA Invented the Pureness & Quality Standards for Essential Oils

Scientists at doTERRA saw a need for industry standards in a marketplace that’s been booming for a decade now. Executive at doTERRA decided consumers deserve a way to gauge quality and compare value, so doTERRA came up with the CPTG Certified Pure Perapeutic Grade™ standard (better than Young Living).

What does it take for an essential oil to be classifited as a CPTG grade essential oil?

  • free from fillers
  • free from artificial ingredients
  • free of contaminants & pesticides
  • free from chemical residue
  • cross tested for purity & potency
  • sourced by trustworthy chemists and growers with oversight of every step of production
  • pure and natural

You wouldn’t buy your milk, medicine or meat from an unregulated market, so why would you want to buy your essential oils from a source that’s not subject to any sort of standards whatsoever?

Always buy essential oils from a reputable company that involves quality control from plant to lab to production facility, like you’ll find with industry leader doTERRA. After all, it’s your body and your life!


*Aridoğan BC, Baydar H, Kaya S, et al.: Antimicrobial activity and chemical composition of some essential oils. Arch Pharm Res 25 (6): 860-4, 2002.

**Minami M, Kita M, Nakaya T, et al.: The inhibitory effect of essential oils on herpes simplex virus type-1 replication in vitro. Microbiol Immunol 47 (9): 681-4, 2003.