Essential Oils

Why I Started Promoting doTERRA Oils…


Look, I am not one to blog or talk about hype or business stuff. After all, this is more of a family blog, but I really felt like I had to get some things off my chest.

First of all, people need to realize that direct-sales companies are not always a bad thing.

My story is simple. I like oils. I think they rock. I would spend money on essential oils either way – so why not make the opportunity a business?

A legit business, at that. You can find lovely doTerra reviews all over the internet, because the company is doing a lot of things right…simple as that.

So what’s the scoop on doTerra oils??

I tried my best to give you an un-biased overview…enjoy.

doTERRA is an international wellness company which produces therapeutic grade essential oils and an exciting range of wellness products based around the natural, restorative and healing properties of plant compounds.

Surely you’ve heard of essential oils if you’re as fascinated by natural medicine, beauty and health remedies as most of us are. But we bet you don’t know everything about doTERRA’s like of top-grade essential oils, so we compiled this handy guide to what every household needs to know about essential oils.

1. Essential Oils are Powerful and Backed by Science

Number one thing to take away here is that essential oils have been found by numerous studies to have significant antimicrobial effects*. Not only that, but some essential oils are antiviral…even inhibiting the herpes simplex virus.**

Essential oils work, and they work on a number of levels:

  • antibacterial
  • antifungal
  • antiviral

2. Not All Essential Oils are Created Equal

There’s a scary range of quality in the world of essential oils. In fact, since essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, guess what: you’re on your own when it comes to finding quality products. doTERRA produces their own superior quality therapeutic-grade essential oils under the guidance of a full assortment of scientific advisory constituents who ensure that all processes are checked for quality assurance at every level.

doTERRA’s line of products represent simply the finest quality essential oils you can buy.

3. Some Essential Oils Can Actually Make You Smarter & Happier

An actual study, which you can read for yourself on the government’s National Library of Medicine website shows that aromas of rosemary and lavender essential oils have an actual positive effect on cognition and mood.

So we now have not only physical benefits but also mental benefits of essential oils as well.

4. doTERRA Invented the Pureness & Quality Standards for Essential Oils

Scientists at doTERRA saw a need for industry standards in a marketplace that’s been booming for a decade now. Executive at doTERRA decided consumers deserve a way to gauge quality and compare value, so doTERRA came up with the CPTG Certified Pure Perapeutic Grade™ standard (better than Young Living).

What does it take for an essential oil to be classifited as a CPTG grade essential oil?

  • free from fillers
  • free from artificial ingredients
  • free of contaminants & pesticides
  • free from chemical residue
  • cross tested for purity & potency
  • sourced by trustworthy chemists and growers with oversight of every step of production
  • pure and natural

You wouldn’t buy your milk, medicine or meat from an unregulated market, so why would you want to buy your essential oils from a source that’s not subject to any sort of standards whatsoever?

Always buy essential oils from a reputable company that involves quality control from plant to lab to production facility, like you’ll find with industry leader doTERRA. After all, it’s your body and your life!


*Aridoğan BC, Baydar H, Kaya S, et al.: Antimicrobial activity and chemical composition of some essential oils. Arch Pharm Res 25 (6): 860-4, 2002.

**Minami M, Kita M, Nakaya T, et al.: The inhibitory effect of essential oils on herpes simplex virus type-1 replication in vitro. Microbiol Immunol 47 (9): 681-4, 2003.